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Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Inspector General Reports

Report Datesort ascending Agency Reviewed / Investigated Title Type Location
09/26/2019 Internal Revenue Service Strengthened Validation Controls Are Needed to Protect Against Unauthorized Filing and Input of Fraudulent Information Returns Audit Agency-Wide
09/26/2019 Internal Revenue Service Fiscal Year 2019 Statutory Review of Potential Fair Tax Collection Practices Violations. Audit Agency-Wide
09/26/2019 Farm Credit Administration FCA's Process for Contractor Background Investigations Audit Agency-Wide
09/26/2019 Social Security Administration Match of Maine and Rhode Island Death Data Against Social Security Administration Records Audit
  • ME, US
  • RI, US
  • Agency-Wide
09/26/2019 Small Business Administration Audit of SBA’s Desktop Loss Verification Process Audit Agency-Wide
09/26/2019 Small Business Administration Consolidated Results of the OIG High Risk 7(a) Loan Review Program Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
09/26/2019 Department of Justice Review and Inspection of Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn Facilities Issues and Related Impacts on Inmates Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
09/25/2019 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System The Board Can Enhance Its Internal Enforcement Action Issuance and Termination Processes by Clarifying the Processes, Addressing Inefficiencies, and Improving Transparency Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide
09/25/2019 Department of Labor Job Corps Should Do More to Prevent Cheating in High School Programs Audit Agency-Wide
09/25/2019 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Leveraging Certain Strategies May Help the Board Timely Implement and Sustain Enterprisewide Workforce Planning Inspection / Evaluation Agency-Wide