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Tennessee Valley Authority OIG

Over the past 30 years, OIG reviews have focused on helping TVA improve the efficiency and effectiveness of TVA operations, save or recover money, and serve as a deterrent to misconduct and fraud. While the results from some reviews are diffcult to quantify, the results impacted many areas of TVA including: (1) improving key business processes; (2) improving governance functions and regulatory activities; (3) improving the protection of critical infrastructure and privacy information; and (4) improving the effectiveness of risk mitigation activities on areas of high risk. Even without a monetary value attached, these reviews provide information to help TVA operate in the most efficient manner and avoid losses from risks that are not properly mitigated. In addition, much of our reviews, primarily in the contract compliance audits and contract preaward reviews and certain investigations, have helped TVA recover and save substantial money.

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  • Tennessee Valley Authority